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Looking for a scholarship/contract? We got you covered!

Contract Seekers

Whether you are an Amateur athlete looking to advance to college and need guidance, or a MLB Player that is looking for options. (and everything in between)....GSB has more than 21 years in the industry.  We provide a variety of services to assist athletes in advancing their careers. Each athlete is important and their dreams and goals are respected every step of the way.



We may not have all the answers, but we are connected to the Industry Leaders and can get them for you.  From complex contractual solutions for MLB and Minor League the recruiting and scouting process that ACTUALLY provides players with the needed information to make good decisions.  We firmly built our business on 3 principles....Education, Evaluation & Exposure!  We continue to evolve in our effort to "Network Sports Throughout the World"

We provide solutions in several types of athlete/team relationships

  • Finding contracts/scholarships for athletes 

  • Educating Families on the processes involved with advancement 

  • Posturing and advoction for athletes (exposure)

  • Assessments and Evaluations (Academic and Athletic)

  • Specific Referrals to Industry Leaders in Health Care, Training, Finance, Education, Nutrition and more

Following the final season of my collegiate career I was left undrafted and overlooked by most scouts. I contacted GSB hoping they could get my foot in the door. Within a week I received a phone call from a professional team in Italy. I signed with the Italian team and not only was given the chance to further my career, but to live in a foreign country. GSB helped me further my career and allowed me to have the greatest experience of my life. I would personally like to thank everyone at GSB for helping to make my dream of playing professional baseball come true.

Christopher Celano 

I want to thank GSB for helping my son get a baseball scholarship. Many people didn't give him a chance, and you guys delivered on every committment you made.  Even when my son was not eligible to play in High School, you guys never walked away.  You have my support forever!  Thank you.  

Bubba Savell - Dad